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Live Streaming

Some things are best live,

like weddings! Experiencing something as beautiful and joyful as a wedding is a special thing for a lot of people, especially you two. With the world changing fast and distance becoming more normal than ever, we want to make sure that shared feeling doesn't have to go away. Bring your celebration to anyone and everyone without THE STRESS of guest counts, meal limits, or whatever new safety concerns loom over your big day. Get your love on display the way you want it, let us do the hard work. Live Stream an intimate, cinematic experience to any website, social media, or app. It's as close to being there as you can get, sometimes even better (for the people in back)! Share your special moments with anyone to no matter where they are or what their health. Celebrate your love and relax knowing no one is missing it!



Simple. Predictable. Definitely worth it.

Get the sauce, no complications. Up to 2 hours of the best view of your ceremony broadcast live to whoever on 1 platform. We'll design the perfect broadcast for you, you just say when, where, and for how long.

Wifi NOT required!*



Enjoyable. Reliable.

Change it up a bit.

Get some flavor in there. 2 angles of your "I do's", mixed professionally for greatest effect. Have a custom event page OR stream to up to 3 platforms of you choosing. Add some spice with optional pre-roll content to fill out your 2 hours! Still no Wifi needed!* 

Top Shelf


Adventurous. Desirable.

Treat yourself to the best.

Reach for the good stuff. 3 cameras capturing the celebration, with 2 always on the move, live blended to perfection. A personalized event page with RSVP. Titles, interludes, and music on the feed, custom to you on request. All without Wifi!*

beautiful wedding cake from a wedding film

Sarah + Chase

Some really nice words are on their way, they just got slowed down by a pretty sunset!

Jacquelline + Jordan

Some kind thoughts are soon to be here, they just stopped to look at some flowers!

Leah + Dan

Some glowing praise is making its way over here, it just paused to enjoy a cool cocktail and the waves!

Livestream+Film       Packages

We do weddings differently,

so here's a quick explanation: Start with your Collection, one of two shooting styles to tailor your carefree, all day wedding film production. Think of this like picking a model of car or phone; there are options on top of the model you pick, but this first choice sets your budget and features. You still get all day wedding videography coverage, just bespoke to your wants and needs. Wish you had gotten a longer film or whole scenes after you big day? Wishes can come true: You can order additional edits for two years or longer after your wedding! 

Get what you want.

All day filming and a live feed from ceremony to send off!

Matched to the couple and shot like it cost more. Mixes our classic wedding film with a single camera livestream. No compromise in style, quality, or our dedication, this Live Collection is what a couple should expect from wedding media. Get a classic wedding film, single live shot of your entire wedding, and peace of mind knowing one thing is going off without a hitch.

Available without live streaming, just ask!









Hold nothing back.

Like having a short film AND a live TV show about your love!

For those who want more from their Live Wedding Collection. Using cinema equipment allows us to capture and broadcast your day like the Blockbuster Reality Romance that it is. Combines our all out film package with the best live stream setup we offer. Get a cinematic highlights film, three camera live feed, and all the pizzaz you could ask for.

Available without live streaming, just ask!