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Memories in Motion

We do wedding packages differently

so here's a quick explanation: Start with your Collection, one of two shooting styles to tailor your all day wedding cinematography. Think of this like picking a model of car or phone; there are options on top of the model you pick, but this first choice sets your budget and features. You still get all day wedding videography coverage, just bespoke to your wants and needs. So click the pictures and see what fits you best!

The Memories Collection

The Forever Collection

Pick your add-ons

These let you personalize your filming and tell more of your big day's story. Note that these are like a phone or car, you need to pick them ahead of time. We would love to go back in time for you, but sadly, physics currently doesn't agree.


Now or later, grow your Collection

These upgrade packages grow your Collection, adding longer highlight videos, anniversary gifts, or even a full documentary style film. Unlike a car, phone or our add-ons, you can do this at any time in the first 2 years after your wedding!* 


*Lifetime storage upgrade for additional investment

If you are on a micro budget or doing a low key wedding, please email zack@handzmotion.com. Hourly packages are available. We'd love to see how we can help!